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Virginia State Parks Interpretive Information System:

VirginiaOutdoors.com and Information Station

Virginia State Parks Information Stations and the Virginia Outdoors Website.

With 36 Information Stations (electronic kiosks) distributed across Virginia's entire state parks system and the companion VirginiaOutdoors.com website, the Virginia State Parks Interpretive Information System is the most comprehensive program ever deployed for interpreting and disseminating information about a state's park system.


Information Station

The Stations

The heart of the Virginia State Parks Interpretive Information System is the unique software and extensive database developed by Imperial Multimedia of Baraboo, Wisconsin. Nearly every state park in Virginia is home to these attractive structures that have been designed to reflect the historical and cultural context of the region.

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Information Station

The Website

A new way to enhance our experience in the outdoors has arrived. The Virginia Outdoors website has been developed to cater to outdoor enthusiasts.

VirginiaOutdoors.com provides visitors with an immersive experience that allows them to either quickly find information about specific activities and destinations in Virginia or spend time exploring the vast amounts of multimedia resources on the site.

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Virginia Outdoors Radio


Virginia Outdoors Radio is a syndicated radio magazine which features topics ranging from outdoor life, Virginia State Park news, cultural and historical features, as well as local and regional focus articles.

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The Vision

Imperial Multimedia and the Commonwealth of Virginia strongly believe in promoting economic development in and around the state parks. As a result of this belief we have created opportunities for local service providers to participate in the program with the option of adding, at a small cost, enhanced content describing their business or service.

Of greater importance is the opportunity to share specific information about your organization or business, its environmental initiatives, and its programs to Virginia's state park users and enthusiasts. This project can provide your organization with an excellent platform for reaching a targeted demographic with your message or cause.

The success of this project, and the depth of information we can provide, relies on the participation of public-private partners and sponsors such as you. We anticipate that organizations such as yours will join the Commonwealth in supporting the most comprehensive guest information program ever launched in a park system.

All of us at Imperial Multimedia and the Commonwealth of Virginia are confident that when presented with the breadth and scope of this project, that you will share the enthusiasm we have for its success. We encourage you to explore further and discover how you can participate in this exciting opportunity.

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